Guardian game

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Guardian game
Type: coordination game, calm game
Number of players: two or more, most funny with at least 10
Location: everywhere (silence!)
Equipment: blindfolds (optionally)
Duration: a few minutes
Preparation: none

The guardian game is a special tagging game. One ore more watchmen guard a treasure. The other players have to reach that treasure without being caught by the guards.


You don't need any equipment to play the game. However, it works best if you have:

  • a blindfolds for each guard
  • an actual treasure (sweets, etc.)


First, define the starting point of the players (thieves), the location of the treasure and the position of the guards. The way from the starting point to the treasure should be a few meters (depending on the number of participants). Make sure the thieves CAN possibly reach the treasure without running into a guard.


The guards stand at their position and close their eyes (or use the blindfolds). Then, the players try to reach the treasure, one after the other. By moving as quietly as possibly, they try to avoid all the guards.

Similar games

  • Blind pirate is quite similar, but suitable only for smaller groups