Frisbee soccer

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Frisbee soccer
Type: running game
Number of players: about 6-20
Location: playing field
Equipment: one Frisbee, markers for the playing field
Duration: arbitrary
Preparation: none

Frisbee "soccer" is an active game for about 6 to 20 participants. It is played by two competing teams. While being similar to games like soccer or football, it is played with a Frisbee instead of a ball.


  • one Frisbee
  • markers for the playing field
  • probably markers for the teams


The participants split into two groups. One of them gets the Frisbee.

Their task is to put down the Frisbee the the opponent's end of the playing field. The Frisbee may only be passed on by throwing it. The player holding the Frisbee may not move, but may only pass on the Frisbee. When the Frisbee drops to the floor, it belongs two the opposing team. Also, if the opposing team catches the Frisbee while it is flying, it may keep it and attack.

You have to define what kind of defense is allowed. Usually, no player may touch an opponent (rules similar to Basketball).