Frisbee Golf

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Frisbee Golf
Type: coordination game
Number of players: 2-20
Location: outdoors
Equipment: Frisbee disks
Duration: a few minutes per round
Preparation: none

Frisbee Golf is a coordination game for two to twenty players. You need a larger area to play (a meadow for example).


  • each player needs a Frisbee disk
  • you could use a target marker to throw your disk at (like a flag at the gold course), but you can also use objects in the field like trees for that


The game is played similar to the traditional game of Golf, but with a Frisbee disk instead of a Golf ball. The participants try to reach the target position by throwing the disk towards it. They always continue at the position where the disk landed after the previous throw. The players want to reach the target with as few throws as possible.

After the first initial round, always the player that is farthest from the target position continues with the next throw. Of course, you can also let each player play and count for himself, or continue to play in a fixed ordering (what simplifies counting).