Fox hunt

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Fox hunt
Type: hide-and-seek game
Number of players: best with about 5 to 15
Location: outdoors (larger area)
Equipment: confetti or similar biologically disposable material
Duration: several minutes per round
Preparation: none

The fox hunt is a hide-and-seek game for about 5 to 15 participants.


For the game you need some kind of biologically disposable confetti or similar materials


To play the game, you need a larger area suitable for the game. It should offer many hiding places, and allow the hiding person to lay a track to its location that is not instantly obvious to all participating players.


One player is selected t be the fox. Without the other players watching, he hides somewhere in the designated playing area. On his way there, he lays a track with the confetti. To make it not to easy, he should only put one mark every few steps, and he can for instance add loops, dead ends and other disguises.

By following this confetti track, the other players have to follow him and identify his hiding place. The first player to find him may play the fox in the next round.