Fashion show

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Fashion show
Type: acting game, guessing game
Number of players: two groups of 5 players or more
Location: everywhere
Equipment: dresses (costumes)
Duration: about 15 minutes per round
Preparation: none

The fashion show is a guessing game where the participants have to dress up. The game is most fun with about 10 players or more, but can be played with less.


You need stuff to dress you participants. Clothes, hats, jackets, shoes, whatever you have available.


Two groups compete each other. Both dress up using the stuff provided and then prepare a short fashion show. They present their dresses to the other group. Then, they secretly change one (or a few) detail of their outfits. They then repeat their show. The other group has to remember what has been changed with their dresses.

In a second round, the other team may also dress up and prepare a show.