Elephant race

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Elephant race
Type: running game
Number of players: two groups or more
Location: long and wide enough running track
Equipment: markers for start and finish
Duration: a few minutes
Preparation: mark the running track

The Elephant race is a running game for two or more groups.


  • for each track (one per group) you need a start and finish marker. Usually, a rope is used for the start and a bucket for the finish.


The players split into groups. Each group gets a running track assigned. The track should be at least 15 to 20 meters long. All participants are standing behind the starting line.

After the starting signal, the first player of each group runs the track. At the other end of the track, he forms an elephant's trunk with his arms. He puts the hand on the bucket and runs around it several times (the more, the harder; predefine that value!) Then, the elephant tries to run back to the starting line. Only then, the next player of his group may proceed. The first group to finish with all players wins the game.

Take care: running back is usually quite hard for the participants, as they are not able to run in a straight line!