Egg search

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Egg search
Type: seeking game
Number of players: about 10 to 20
Location: everywhere
Equipment: none
Duration: 1-2 minutes per round
Preparation: none

Egg search is a simple seeking game for children. It is a variation of the game hot cold, but can only be played with at least 10 players.


You need an "egg" for this game. A small ball (like a table tennis ball) is usually the best choice. Or you can use a paper drawing of an egg.


The group is sitting in a room. They represent hen. One player ("farmer") leaves the room. The hen then hide the egg by letting one of them sit on it. It should not be visible.

The farmer then reenters the room and tries to find the egg. The hen cackle louder when the farmer comes nearer to the egg. When the farmer has a concrete suspicion, he makes the respective hen stand up and tries to find the egg.

Similar games

  • Hot cold uses the similar game principle, but can be played with fewer players.