Dropping the egg

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Dropping the egg
Type: handicraft work with contest
Number of players: any
Location: any, best on tables and contest site outdoors
Equipment: eggs, diverse arts and crafts materials
Duration: 45-60 minutes
Preparation: none

Dropping the egg is a challenge of creativity, skill, and workmanship. It can be played with any number of participants (provided you have enough equipment for everybody/every team).


  • one egg per participant (or per team)
  • diverse small items that can be used to create a protective device for the egg:
    • adhesive tape, paper, cardboard, cotton, old clothes, straws, ...
    • remark: the traditional version provides only straws and tape!


The equipment is provided to the teams. Then, they may construct a protective device for the egg. The goal is that the egg can be dropped from a certain height (2 meters/6 feet or so) on a hard floor without being damaged. After some predefined time (for instance, 20 minutes) the devices have to be presented (be sure to prepare a "spectacular show" for that) and then challenged whether they can really protect the egg when being dropped.


You can also try this variation: Don't give away the equipment for free, "sell" it. Give each team a certain amount of play money and let them buy the equipment. Later on, they can also trade between teams if they run out of equipment or have spare stuff.