Cutting flour

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Cutting flour
Type: coordination game
Number of players: 2-10
Location: on a table, best indoors
Equipment: flour, sweets, knife
Duration: a few minutes per round
Preparation: prepare a clean table

Cutting flour is a game for two to ten participants.


  • flour
  • sweets
  • a knife (blunt edge, at least not very sharp)


On a clean table (or a large board or baking tray) a small heap of flour is put. On the center of this heap, one of the sweets is put. The players now use the knife to "cut away" parts of the heap. Each player has to cut at least a small bit of the heap,but tries to be cautious: when the candy falls down, the next player may eat it (only using his mouth, of course, he may not use his hands to grab it).

Hint: You might want to prepare a vacuum cleaner to get rid of the mess afterwards.