Cotton blowing

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Cotton blowing
Type: coordination game
Number of players: two
Location: on a table
Equipment: straw, cotton wool
Duration: a few minutes
Preparation: none

Cotton blowing is a coordination game for two players. As a tournament, it can of course be played with more than two participants.


  • a table to play on
  • one straw for each participant
  • a handful of cotton wool


The two participants sit on opposing ends of the table. They have the straw ready in their mouth. The cotton wool is on the center of the table.

After the starting signal, both players try to blow the cotton wool towards the opposing player. It should fall off the table there. Of course, the players have to prevent the wool to fall off. However, they may not touch it but only use their straw to blow in the opposite direction.

When a player manages to make the cotton fall off the table on his opponent's side, he earns a point. The first player with three points wins the game.

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