Collection of tasks

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Collection of tasks
Type: icebreaker
Number of players: arbitrary, better for lager groups!
Location: everywhere (best outside)
Equipment: one list of tasks for each player
Duration: assume 20-30 minutes
Preparation: design the tasks

The collection of tasks is an ice breaker game for groups of any sizes. Each player gets the same list of tasks he has to resolve, in cooperation with the other players. The game intends that all players get in touch with each other.


Each player needs a copy of the list of tasks.


Before the game, someone has to design the tasks. While the tasks are typically simple enough not to require any preparation, the list has to be designed.


Each player gets a list of tasks he has to fulfill. Typically, the tasks are written on the outer edges of the paper and can be torn once fulfilled (see the picture for an example). The game can have a winner, the person to fulfill all tasks first (of course, nobody really examines whether the tasks are really fulfilled).

Some typical tasks

  • clean the shoes of somebody
  • give a simple present to someone
  • praise someone
  • tell someone a short story of your life
  • do 5 push-ups with someone
  • run 100 meters with someone
  • sing a song with someone
  • etc.

Of course, the tasks can easily be tailored to the event where the game is played. Try to select tasks that are interesting for the players and they can all easily fulfill! All tasks should stimulate the interaction among the group.