Circle portrait

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Circle portrait
Type: creativity game
Number of players: any number, 10 or more
Location: on a table
Equipment: pen and paper
Duration: a few minutes, depending on number of players
Preparation: none

Circle portrait (or: circle drawing, cooperative portrait) is a game for groups while sitting on a table. It is usually played in breaks during the normal program, in groups that already know each other a bit.


Each player needs a sheet of paper (letter size) and a pen.


In the end, each player should get a drawing of himself. The drawing should be a cooperation of the whole group.

Each player writes the name of his left neighbor on the paper. Then, he starts to portrait that person. After a certain time (30 seconds or so), the trainer announces that all the sheets have to be passed on to the respective right neighbor. So, each participant gets a new sheet with a new person, and continues to draw that person. The game is finished when everybody gets his own portrait. Let's hope they like it!