Chocolate game

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Chocolate game
Type: game of luck, coordination game
Number of players: about 5-10
Location: on a table
Equipment: chocolate, knife and fork, dice, clothes
Duration: arbitrary (a few minutes)
Preparation: none

The chocolate game is a coordination game requiring luck, for groups of about 4 to 10 participants.


  • chocolate (one bar)
  • knife (not too sharp), fork, plate
  • dice
  • clothes (hat or cap, gloves, scarf, jacket, ...)


Usually, the chocolate bar is removed from its wrapping and put on the plate. If you want to make the game harder, you keep it in its wrapping or even further wrap it in newspaper like a present.


The players are sitting in a circle, on a table nearby the equipment is put. The players one after the other roll the dice. When a player rolls a "6", he shouts "six!". Then, he may take on the clothes, and start to eat pieces of the chocolate (of course, using fork and knife, and not his fingers!). He may continue until the next player rolls a "6". Then, he has to quickly take off the clothes and give them to the next players.

Of course, the chocolate may only be eaten while properly wearing the clothes!


  • You can also let each player roll the dice continuously until he gets a "6". Then, the times at the chocolate are more evenly distributed.
  • Thick gloves are the cloth that make the game quite hard; so if it should be easier, remove the gloves or use finger gloves.