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Type: creativity game, acting game
Number of players: about 6 to 20
Location: everywhere
Equipment: none
Duration: 30 minutes or more
Preparation: select words and expressions for the game

Charades is a creative acting game for 2 to 4 teams of about 2 to 4 people each.


  • some sheets of paper, pens


The trainer writes words or expressions on the sheets of paper (one per sheet). Usually, more complex nouns are used that are not all to easy to guess (tree house, ...). Of course, what words or expressions you use depends on the abilities of your participants and probably even on the theme of your occasion.


The groups work one after the other. The first player of the team gets a sheet of paper with a word. He has to pantomime the word, hey may not talk. The team has got some time to find out which word he presents; if they an find out within the time, they earn a point. Then, the second group gets its first term, and so on.

You can add special rules, for instance, sound rounds where all groups may guess the term, and the first one to find it earns the point.

Similar games

The board game Activity (popular in Germany) is based on this game; it is available in English language as Word Trio.

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