Bunch of keys

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Bunch of keys
Type: icebreaker
Number of players: any number (not too many)
Location: everywhere
Equipment: the bunch of keys (or some other personal object) of each player
Duration: depending on the number of participants
Preparation: none

Bunch of keys is an ice breaker game. It can be used to introduce the members of a new group in a creative way. It can be used with any number of participants, but will take longer with more participants. It is a variation of the game introduction in pairs.


Each player needs a bunch of keys or some other personal object (like a wallet or a purse, handbag, smartphone with apps, ...).


The group is split into pairs.

The pairs introduce themselves. The do so using the keys: Instead of just telling a few facts about oneself, the participants use their own keys as guidelines:

  • This is my door key; I live in a flat in Vienna with my family.
  • This is my car key, I drive an old Mercedes.
  • This is the key to my scout house; scouting is one of my hobbies.
  • etc.

Each of the keys (or cards in your wallet, objects in your handbag, apps on your smartphone, etc.) certainly tells a short story about the person.

Then, the whole group meets again, and everybody introduces his partner. His key will give you hints not to forget the stories you just heard.

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