Building a word

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Building a word
Type: brain game
Number of players: arbitrary
Location: everywhere
Equipment: none
Duration: arbitrary
Preparation: none

Building a word is a simple brain game for groups that requires neither equipment nor preparation.


No equipment is required to play that game.


All players are sitting in a circle (or any other defined ordering). The first player chooses a letter. All following players also add a letter. Those letters have to form an existing, english word, though. If a player cannot add a valid letter (so that the conjunction of all the letters form an existing word), he drops out of the game (or gets one (negative) point, etc.).

For example: the first player stats "W", the second player "O", and the third player "R". The fourth could now, for instance, add "D" (the valid word "WORD" is formed), or "K" ("WORKer", "WORKing", etc., are still possible). On the other hand, "X" would not be valid as "WORX..." is no meaningful word.

Use a dictionary if there are doubts whether a word is still possible or not.