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Type: singing game, dancing game
Number of players: any number
Location: small area to dance
Equipment: none
Duration: several minutes
Preparation: none

Boogaloo (Let me see your boogaloo) is a singing game/dancing game for any number of participants. Several different variations exist.


You don't need any equipment.


The idea of the game is as follows: One person (leader) presents the text, the rest of the group answers, then some moves are made.


  • Leader: Boogaloo!
  • Leader: 1, 2, 3, 4
  • Group: 5, 6, 7, 8
  • Leader Let me see your boogaloo
  • Group: What's that you say?
  • Leader: Let me see your boogaloo
  • Group: What's that you say?
  • All: Boo-galoo, boo boo-galoo woo!
  • All: Boo-galoo, boo boo-galoo woo!

While saying "Let me see you boogaloo", the leader steps forward and moves his arms to animate the crowd. During the last two lines of the text, all players move towards the center of the circle, hold their arms above their heads and shake them. They also spin around.

Then, the text is repeated (starting from "let me see ..."). However, the "boogaloo" is replaced with something else. Each time, all the previous moves are repeated (for the last two lines).


  • Frankenstein: hold your arms and hands in front of your chest and move around like a zombie
  • Michael Jordan: dribble a basketball in front of your chest
  • Funky Chicken: move around like a chicken
  • Dracula: use your fingers to fake some Vampire's teeth
  • Elephant: use your arms to form an elephant's trunk
  • Shoot the moon: use your arms to form a gun and point it to the moon in the sky
  • Poke a friend: poke the two players next to you
  • Queen Elizabeth: form a saucer and a cup with your hands and drink some tea like the queen would
  • Superman: pose like superman when flying around
  • Pink Flamingo: stand on one leg and move like a flamingo would
  • u.v.m.