Blindfolded Make-Up

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Blindfolded Make-Up
Type: coordination game, creativity game
Number of players: up to 10
Location: everywhere
Equipment: make up, blindfolds, camera or mirror
Duration: several minutes
Preparation: none

Blindfolded make-up is a coordination game for smaller groups.


  • make-up equipment
  • blindfolds
  • (optionally: camera, mirror, etc.)


A random ordering of participants is chosen. The first player has his eyes blindfolded. He then has to prepare a make-up on the second player. When he thinks he is finished, the second player is blindfolded and styles the third player, and so on. This is continued until all players have sufficient make-up in their faces.

If you want, you can deliver special tasks, like creating a colorful makeup, styling up for a festivity, designing an animal, ...

Finally, the results are compared. It might be quite funny, so prepare a camera to take a photograph.

Tip: If everyone does not style the next, but the previous player in the row, then the blindfolds will not destroy the make-up just created.