Ball in the cage

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Ball in the cage
Type: coordination game
Number of players: usually between 10 and 20
Location: small playing field
Equipment: ball
Duration: a few minutes per round
Preparation: none

Ball in the cage is a coordination game with a ball.


You need a ball for the game. You can use any sufficiently large ball for the game (no tennis ball), but using a rugby/football ball might make the game more interesting and difficult.


The participants stand in a very tight circle, leaving no gaps between them.

One player is standing in the middle of the circle. He has got the ball. His task is to kick the ball out of the circle. He may only tough the ball with his feet (and legs). The other players of course must prevent him to shoot out of the circle.

The player that fails to prevent the ball from leaving the circle becomes the net player to stand in the center of the circle.