Atom game

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Atom game
Type: icebreaker, group allocation game
Number of players: 20 or more
Location: playing field
Equipment: none
Duration: 5 to 10 minutes
Preparation: none

The atom game is a simple icebreaker and group finding game for larger groups. The game offers only a basic structure and can be adapted in many ways to the actual situation.


You don't need any equipment to play this game.


The players are moving around the playing area, they represent free atoms. The referee now shouts a random (but small) number; exactly this number of atoms have to group together to molecules. The remaining players (too few to form a molecule of valid size) are out of the game, or get a task. Additionally, the molecules might get a task, might introduce each other, etc.

Then, another round start.

group finding

After a few rounds, the current molecules might be instructed to stay together and form a group for the upcoming activities.