Apple bobbing

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Apple bobbing
Type: coordination game
Number of players: any
Location: any
Equipment: large bowl, water, apples
Duration: 1-2 minutes per player
Preparation: none

Apple bobbing (or: Bobbing for apples) is a traditional coordination game. It is typically played at birthday parties.


  • water
  • large bowl (or similar) to hold the water
  • apples (one for each player)


The bowl is filled with the water, the first apple (or all of them at once) are put inside. Then, the first player has to take his apple out of the bowl. However, he has to do so just using his mouth, by biting in the apple or holding tight on it by any other means of mouth and lips. The hands and arms may not be used, of course.

If you have several bowls, you can make the players directly compete each other and see who is faster.