All birds are flying

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All birds are flying
Type: attention game
Number of players: any number
Location: everywhere
Equipment: none
Duration: arbitrary
Preparation: none

All birds are flying is a simple talking and attention game suited for smaller children. It is a variation of the game Simon says, often played in German-language countries (the name there is "Es fliegt es fliegt" or "Alle Vögel fliegen hoch").


You don't need any equipment.


One player is selected to be the speaker. The may chose arbitrary terms (objects) and then use them in the following sentence:

All [birds] are flying ....!

Of course, the term "bird" is replaced by the object of the speaker's choice. After saying the sentence, the speaker quickly raises his arms above his head (to imitate "flying"). All other players also have to raise their army - however, they may only do so if the object expressed can fly (on its own). So, for objects like airplanes, birds, clouds, ...) the arms have to be raised, while the players may not raise their arms for objects like stones, trees or apes.

Any player raising his arms when not allowed to or not raising them (in time) when he would have to is out of the game.

Similar games

  • The game Simon says has the same basic idea, but the task has to fulfilled only when a specific command is given (not depending on whether an object is flying).