Walking stake

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Walking stake
Type: coordination game, Group dynamics game
Number of players: about 6 to 20
Location: small space
Equipment: wooden stake, ropes, markings on the floor
Duration: a few minutes
Preparation: a few minutes

Walking stake is a coordination game with elements of group dynamics.


  • A wooden stake (or the like)
  • As many ropes as the number of players
  • Markings on the floor for an obstacle course


The ropes are bound to the wooden stake so that they point away from the stake in a star pattern.

An obstacle course is set up or adumbrated on the floor.


The participants form a circle and take one rope each. By giving the rope a tug, the wooden stake starts floating above the ground and moves towards the direction of the strongest tug.

Next, the stake has to pass through the obstacle course. In order to achieve this, the players have to pull the ropes together in such a way that the stake moves following the course. The stake should neither touch the floor, nor touch the course.

Similar Games

  • The game Egg's crane is structured similarly and has a comparable aim.