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Type: tag game, hide-and-seek game
Number of players: about 10-20
Location: indoors
Equipment: blindfolds
Duration: about 5 to 10 minutes per round
Preparation: remove obstacles

Vampire is a calm, yet thrilling tag/hide-and-seek game


  • blindfolds for the players (or a completely darkened room).


All players are blindfolded (unless you can play in a completely darkened room). Everybody can move around freely, but has to try and be as calm as possible, to not disclose their position.

One player is the Vampire. He can move around as well and (symbolically) bite the other players in their neck (or do something similar vampire-like). The victim then has to scream and then transforms in a vampire as well.

The last remaining player wins the game.


  • You can add the rule that two vampires transform back into humans if they attack each other (of course, this does not apply if the original vampire is involved).