Tops and tails

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Tops and tails
Type: communication game
Number of players: arbitrary
Location: everywhere
Equipment: none
Duration: arbitrary
Preparation: none

Tops and tails (or: chain of words) is a communication game for any number of participants.


The game can be played without any equipment.


The first player pronounces a composite word, like tree house, consisting of two other words. The composition must be reasonably used, and not be just invented by the player. The following player has to find a composite word now, that starts with the second word of the previous composition. In the example, everything that starts with house would be okay, like house call, house agent, house maid, etc.

During each game round, each (composite) word may only be used once.

When a player cannot name a fitting word, or finds one that has already been used, he is out of the game. Consult a dictionary when in doubt :-)


As an alternative, you can only use the last/first letter of a non-composite word. house => elephant => tiger => rat ... If this is too simple, chose a topic (like "animals" as in this example).

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