Santa Clause's Beard

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Santa Clause's Beard
Type: coordination game
Number of players: any number, but one after the other
Location: on a table
Equipment: skin cream, cotton batting
Duration: several minutes

Santa Clause's Beard is a funny coordination game that is perfectly suitable to be played at Christmas.


  • skin cream, beauty cream, petrolatum, ...
  • cotton batting (cotton wool), feathers, confetti, etc.


The idea of the game is that the participants get a beard like Santa Clause. They have to create it without using their hands, though. They have skin cream applied to their face (wherever there should be beard) and then they have to put their face into a bowl of cotton batting (or feathers, confetti, etc.) and try to create a fancy beard (of course, without using their hands).

When everybody has created a beard, a judge rates the beards by visual appearance and by skill while creating the beard.