Open or closed handover

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Open or closed handover
Type: riddle
Number of players: any number
Location: everywhere
Equipment: one arbitrary object, typically a cup
Duration: as long as it takes to solve the riddle
Preparation: none

Open or closed handover is a riddle. One object is handed over from player to player, either "open" or "closed".


  • You need any object that can be handed over to the other players (small object, not dangerous, no liquids, etc.). Usually, an empty cup is used, but many other things are suitable as well.


The object is handed over from player to player. For each handover, the group has to decide whether it happened "open" or "closed". The person knowing the game always clarifies what really happened, but does not disclose WHY it was closed or open.

Participants that found out the correct solution do not disclose it, but just participate in the game, proving they really know the solution.


It is most fun to find the solution while actively playing in the game. If you need the solution right now, you can find it at Open or closed handover/solution.