Johnny loves

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Johnny loves
Type: riddle
Number of players: any number
Location: anywhere
Equipment: none
Duration: until the riddle is solved
Preparation: none

Johnny loves is a riddle. The participants have to find out, which objects Johnny loves and which he doesn't. As with most riddles, the game can be played only once, until the participants know the solution.


You don't need any equipment for this riddle.


One person knowing the solution starts with the game. He names several objects that Johnny loves, and some that he doesn't:

Johnny loves apples, but he does not like oranges.
Johnny loves Massachusetts, but he does not like Florida.
Johnny loves the summer, but he hates the winter.
Johnny loves Anna, but he does not like Mary.
Johnny loves carrots, but he does not like potatoes.

When a participant thinks to know what Johnny likes and what he does not like, then he has to give an example. Of course, nobody tells how the system works, but only proves that he found it out.


It is most fun to find the correct solution during playing this game. If you need the solution right now, you can find it in the article Johnny loves/solution.