Frisbee Challenge

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Frisbee Challenge
Type: active game
Number of players: 10-20
Location: outdoors
Equipment: one frisbee disk
Duration: 10 minutes or so
Preparation: none

The Frisbee Challenge is a coordination game and active game for two groups of any size. You need quite some space to play the game, like a meadow. It is best played with two groups of 5 to 10 players each.


You only need one single frisbee disk.


Two groups compete each other. All players are at a predefined starting location. One group takes the disk and throws it as far away as possible. After that, both groups have different tasks to fulfill:

  • The "catching" group tries to reach the disk as quick as possible. Then, they stand in one line each after the other, and pass the disk from the first player to the last. Once the last player got the disk, he shouts "STOP" and raises the disk in the air.
  • The "throwing" group stands in a tight circle. The player who threw the disk then runs around his group as often as possible. He can do that until the other group finishes their task and shout stop. For each time the player is able to circle his group, the team earns one point.

Several such rounds are player, with catching and throwing teams alternating. After a few rounds, the team with most points wins the game.


  • You may allow the catching group to position on the playing field. This makes it easier to reach the disk quickly, but harder for the team to regather on one location.