Fast food game

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Fast food game
Type: active game
Number of players: 10 or more
Location: small playing field with clean floor
Equipment: none (optionally: music)
Duration: arbitrary
Preparation: none

The fast food game (or: McDonald's game) is an active game for groups of 10 players or more.


You don't need any equipment, but some music would improve the experience.


The players move around the room, you can play music during that. Then, the referee calls the name of a fast food product. The players then have to group on the floor according the product:

  • fries: everybody lies for himself
  • toast: lying down in groups of two (one is the toast, the other the cheese)
  • hamburger: three players form one burger (bread, patty, bread)
  • cheeseburger: four players form one burger (bread, patty, cheese, bread)
  • of course, you can add more products to the list ...

Those players not able to form a product (either doing it wrong, or not finding free partners) either drop out of the game or earn a negative point.

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