Castle game

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Castle game
Type: Group dynamics game
Number of players: 10 and more
Location: everywhere
Equipment: none
Duration: about ten minutes
Preparation: none

The Castle game is a Group dynamics game for more than ten participants.


There is no equipment required for this game.


The participants are split up into two groups. One group has to leave the room. The other group tries to form a "castle" by standing in a circle as close as possible. Then, they decide on one action how the attacker might enter the castle. This may be one single word, such as "please" or an action, as for instance tickling or giving a team member of the castle a massage. After deciding on that, the group of "attackers" may enter the room again and try to "storm the castle". If they succeed, the roles are changed.

Similar games

  • While the Castle game aims more at the group cohesiveness, the Donkey game acts up to a similar game principle, but separately for each participant.